Discussion on: I'm Slow And That's Okay

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Ivan Fateev

As an engineering manager, I would always prefer a feature which is done slower, but fundamentally right.

You should not worry too much about your speed, especially if you don't mesaure it objectively with some metrics.

My weekly observations over my team showed that people that are rushing, or doing things faster than others, in fact deliver worse results over the time.

They get more bug reports, they spend more time on "polishing" things, they spend more time in the next release to rework the code, because they didn't invest enough time in designing it before.

So in the long run, "slow" might not be so slow, if you see a broad picture.

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Guney Ozsan

Measurement is a very important emphasis in your point. It doesn't exist if you don't measure it. So one shouldn't bother with speed unless there is a solid feedback on it.

I also agree that performance should be handled considering cumulative effects in the long run. For example, I think maintainablity is one of the greatest bottlenecks out there and I am suspicious if delivery speed (of initial code) is even a bottleneck or not.