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Discussion on: let's get really real about bootcamps

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Ivan Fateev

Thanks for the article and for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear your story.
At the time I was learning programming, there were no any bootcamps. In fact, even access to the Internet was a luxury in Russia.

Programming was not so popular and you could not find a lot of articles, answers to questions on SO etc.

The only source of structured learning was books. So I started learning by downloading few books. Why not only one? Because usually the only one book is not enough, because there are some gaps in explanation. So to fill those gaps you may use different books.

Well, learning with books may be quite old-fashioned these days, but I would say it might still be a good way for some people. Also, with access to the Internet, it's quite easy to find somebody who might help you when you're completely stuck.

I'm not sure about the job market at your place, but here in Russia, it's totally fine to find a Junior position without a degree, or bootcamp certificate, or whatever else.

There are Junior positions that require only some basic knowledge of programming.

So this means that if one manages to get a Junior position, they will have a whole bunch of teammates to teach them, and even get paid (not much though).

I've been able to get a junior job, I believe, due to my personal project that I demoed during the interview. I walked the interviewer through the code and explained how I designed everything.

My point is that it's totally fine to try finding a job with surface-level knowledge and little-to-no experience.

I'm not really sure what kind of education you should get for $10k.