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Discussion on: The 9 AWS Serverless Databases ALL App Developers & Software Engineers Should Know About 👨‍💻💭

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Daniel Einars

Hmm, I see your points. In my mind I'd never directly interface with a database from the front-end (web) but always via a specific REST API, which is implemented in a separate service. It would handle all the complex storing logic, authentication & authorization and only expose the bare minimum to keep public exposure to a minimum. In the end I don't really care what specific DB is running in the backend, but how I interface with the REST API to satisfy my frontend requirements. However, if I'm in the backend I do very much care about which DB is running where since that will effect scalability.

I don't have a whole lot of backend experience but I do know that I have to mentality switch thinking when going from web to backend from

"One user uses this website at a time"


"What happens if suddenly 10'000 separate users use this backend simultaneously."

Being informed about DB options empowers you to make the right decisions in the long run on my view.

Thanks for sharing btw, it's a great read!