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Top 29 Developer Docs

Sorry for the clickbaity title. The long version should be: "A list of the 29 most mentioned projects on two twitter threads (with 1066 replies) about great developer docs."

These are the threads:

Don't expect rigorosity. The list is obviously biased in favor of the projects used by the audience of the threads. Also, Adam asked for open source projects.

The top 29 developer docs are:

  1. Vue.js
  2. Laravel
  3. Tailwind CSS
  4. Stripe
  5. Next.js
  6. Django
  7. Svelte
  8. Gatsby
  9. Rust
  10. React
  11. MDN
  12. FastAPI
  13. Cypress
  14. NuxtJS
  15. Flutter
  16. Elixir
  17. Redux
  18. AdonisJS
  19. Symfony
  20. PostgreSQL
  21. Firebase
  22. Vuex
  23. Redis
  24. React Hook Form
  25. PHP
  26. Gridsome
  27. Ember
  28. Chakra UI
  29. Apollo

Shameless plug, I made this list because I'm working on an open-source toolset for building dev docs (among other things), and I was looking for good practices and patterns.

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