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Discussion on: Do you have a habit of over-engineer your projects?

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Like any skills, it was probably gradual and my managers and mentors had probably tried to teach it to me for a long time.
But I remember ~8 years into my career I was working for a very small consultancy (which as opposed to product companies often have widely different deliverables for different clients/projects) company, and our roadmap was just packed full and we were really overbooked.
Our VP of Engineering was a master at juggling and making seemingly impossible amount of work fit, and under her guidance I learned to do the MVP and release.
So I would say, real-life constraints really helped learning the skill.
I now work for another type of business and schedules are comparatively much more comfortable, and I am trying to unlearn this extreme survival focus to allow for more balance, worthwhile tech investments without falling back into over-engineering.
Did I learn the hard way: yes, I would say I learn most things the hard way. It's not that big of a deal if the professional culture allows for learning and failures (which it should) and has fast iteration cycles.