Discussion on: Resume your Work with Git

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I dunno. I consider a branch shared the moment I push it.

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Juri Strumpflohner Author

Hey, yes sure, the moment you push it up it is "potentially shared" and everyone can pull it and add commits as well. It's just a matter of conventions. In the teams I've been working on, everyone has his sprint tasks, and its nice to see the progress by looking at remote branches from other devs, but usually you're not going to push to them, unless you explicitly start collaborating.

I think it's all about communication. Also the fact to be able to push your changes up and have CI run tests against it as you proceed with the development of the feature is very nice. I guess those are also the reasons GitHub introduced "Draft PRs" a while ago :)

But that said, those are just my 2 cents of stuff that has been working quite well, in enterprise and open source projects :)