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Hello Jason, I am Prabhjot from India. I love programming very much but I am suffering from a genetic diseases named Spinal Muscular Distrophy. So I am 100% physically handicapped can't do anything, can't go anywhere. Just a room is my life. I am studying doing my graduation final year in BCA. I just want too practice more and more but couldn't decided what and where to start. If you hire me a freelancer intern or suggest me how to make my career I will be very thankful to yours. It will help me to made my skills.My parents done lot of things for me now I want to pay back off. Thank you.


Hi Prabhjot,

Glad to hear you're grabbing life by the horns! Good for you.

In terms of my own company, we don't have the framework necessary to hire internationally yet. However, we do have an "informal internship" through our open source collaboration program, which you are welcome to take part in. It is very similar to the internship program.

If you're interested, go to my DEV profile and click on the company I work for (under "Work" towards the upper right). Check out the Internships and Developers sections of the website. You can also message me if you have questions.

In a more general sense, open source projects are an EXCELLENT way to gain more experience and build your portfolio (which is your key to getting hired at a software company). Look for open source projects you find interesting or personally use, and see if you can fix bugs, contribute small features, help with documentation or testing, and the like.

All the best!

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