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Occasionally I get interested in coding for the sake of coding, but to me that's no different than an interest in math for the sake of math, solving puzzles for the sake of solving puzzles, etc.

But most of the time when it comes to actually building things, the code is just the medium, and not a particularly convenient or pleasant one to work with, as it requires so many levels of translation between "Person with a meaningful problem" and "Implemented solution"

Given that I've got anywhere from 20-40 years before retirement, I would hope that by then most software development does not require writing much, if any code at all. And I imagine that if that is the case, I will definitely keep making software whenever it fills a need for me or someone else I could help.

And if that does happen, then my desire to code would compete with all the other things that look and feel like solving puzzles... and there are many of those that don't require the use of a computer to explore.

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