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re: I've wanted to learn Python for a looong time now but I keep getting sucked into having to use C++ constantly so I never have the time for python.

Is there an opportunity to make a clear case for Python in some work project of yours? If so, it certainly is easier when current or future work projects are aligned with your learning goals.

Even if it isn't though, could you find a way to carve out 30 mins either at work or outside of work 3 times a week? I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it can add up if you are super disciplined about how you practice.

(It works out to about two full work weeks of invested time within a year, which probably is enough to get to a level of basic competency given that you already know how to code)


Yea, thing is I'm primarily into game design which python isn't really the best for from what I've heard so I've always had a batter language than it to use for the projects I do

Got it, that makes it challenging.

I wonder if there is some space out on the margins where you could still find a real use case that would benefit from Python in your daily work, even if it's for automating some repetitive chores. It's also a good web development language so if there's some way of introducing a web project into the mix that might help too, but then again maybe not.

What got you interested in learning Python? If you already knew it well, what would you be using it for?

I'll tell ya one thing, World of Tanks is actually written in python on top of a C engine so that's something I could try... I really am interested because it's a highly popular language that's easy to use

Ah, yeah! I know that a lot of games use Lua for the higher level scripting / embedded language but I am sure Python can be used similarly and there's a strong case for getting out of C++ once you beyond the engine level anyway.

Anyway, good luck finding creative ways to build your Python skills!

Not sure if you've seen Learn Python the Hard Way, but it could be a neat way of doing some small exercises that only take a few minutes per day:


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