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Discussion on: What stands in the way of learning the things you really want to learn?

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For a while I was using a tool I had built myself for routine tracking, but I no longer use that. Instead, I use a combination of a large legal pad to take notes on paper and some checklists set up in Notion.

I pay attention to what seems to be working and what's not working and write notes by hand throughout the day, and when clear patterns emerge then I go and update my checklists in Notion.

One way to think about this which helped me was that I was trying to design a system of working and living that fit for my situation, rather than holding myself up to some external idea of what the ideal schedule would look like.

So rather than feeling totally frustrated that things weren't the way I wish they could be, I got interested in seeing how I could make little bits of progress here and there and optimize whatever I could.

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Thank you for that information!!