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I like BootstrapVue a lot.

It doesn't just map Bootstrap features to Vue syntax but has a bunch of features of its own which are well integrated. For example, the tables feature is very powerful and has made working with remote datasets a lot easier for me. The documentation is excellent, too.

The vue-async-computed plugin also came in handy for what feels like a missing Vue feature to me. (Although I'm far from an expert on Vue, so there may be a better alternative that I've missed)

Finally, it's not a plugin, but I am impressed by how easy VuePress is to get up and running, and it seems to be super extendable in a way that feels natural to Vue.


Async computed properties sounds really handy! I know I've had to work around that issue a few times here and there - I'll definitely be adding that one to my toolbox. Thanks for sharing that!

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