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Discussion on: 6 new habits I’m building to level up as a junior developer

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Practicing Developer • Edited

Excellent post, thank you for writing it!

One thing worth trying with copy-pasting: It's fine to copy-paste just to see if something works, or just to see how it works. But then once you do that, comment out everything you've copy-pasted, and put everything back one line at a time, while writing some notes on how each step works (and/or some questions to ask others to sharpen your understanding)

In other words, it's fine to copy and paste as part of a spike, especially if done on its own branch that you don't intend to merge into your production code. Then you go back, try to understand it, and do the thing for real after that.

All that said, it seems like as long as you follow your own advice, you're in for an awesome year of growth!