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Can you provide a little more context on the kind of environment you are working in?

The answer to this question depends a bit on whether you're choosing what to work on and when vs. being assigned work by someone else.

It also depends on whether your weekly time commitments are fixed or flexible.


I am a freelancer! So I am my own boss, I usually work for 70 hours/week


I recommend over the next year trying to double your rates and cut that time commitment in half, it's not sustainable.

Use as much time as possible between projects to improve skills and build relationships with current and prospective clients, and then little by little replace lower paying engagements with higher paying engagements.

As your profitability increases, start reducing your overall time commitment, and also start increasing the percentage of non-billable time you have available in each work week. Having your billable hours represent no more that 70% of your weekly time commitment is a decent target to shoot for.

Then use the non-billable time to once again, improve your skills, connect with current and prospective and future clients, build out whatever tooling you need to support your own work etc. Once you have time built into your schedule like this you should be able to create a fairly even flow of work, so that you aren't either overwhelmed or in a holding pattern all the time.

It's a bit cheesy in places, but the book Focal Point by Brian Tracy may be relevant and useful to you.

Woow! Great advice! Thank you so much! I will make Sure to apply this! Will also check the book

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