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Discussion on: How I'm using Vue Slots on my site

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Prahlad Yeri

Slightly off topic but each time I try to get into some modern js framework, I always get confused between angular, vue and react. So, instead of trying to learn all three of them and getting mad, I simply don't bother! Can you state which one of these is the best, or could they even be combined for some use cases?

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Kaleb Ercanbrack • Edited on

I've worked with all of them (I use Vue at work) and here's what I think. Vue was made by Evan Vue, and is largely community supporte, and is the youngest of the 3. Vue is definitely the easiest to get into, and is growing rapidly but still doesn't have as large an ecosystem as React. Vue combined a lot of things from React and Angular and gave it their own Twist. I'd say Vue's biggest Pro is that it's progressive, meaning you can convert an app to Vue one piece at a time. The biggest Con would be it's smaller ecosystem, and it doesn't have the best Typescript support (that is, until we get Vue 3.0)
React is backed by Facebook, and probably has the largest ecosystem. There's also React Native which is getting popular for native mobile app development. The biggest Pro for React is definitely the ecosystem. You'll probably find anything you'd ever need has some support for react. The biggest Con, imo, is that there's no set way of a styling solution. Vue and Angular both have set styling methods for each component, but react is "just JavaScript" and you have to come up with a way.
Angular is backed by Google. I'd say it's the hardest to learn, as you have to learn Typescript and RXJS. Angular came before React, and is kinda fading away. Angular's biggest Pro is that they have everything included, ie: state management, styling solution, routing, even their own component library (Angular Material). However, Angular also has a much larger file size than React or Vue, and its growth is stagnating and it's adoption isn't as high as Vue or React.

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I personally would go with React. It doesn't stray to far away from basic Html principles, unlike Vue and Angular which go in almost entirely different directions.

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Samantha Ming Author

Fair! I wish I was more familiar with React. But Vue was the one I found the easiest to pick up, so I have been using it ever since πŸ˜„