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Discussion on: What do you imagine JavaScript looks like in 5 or 10 years?

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Prahlad Yeri • Edited

My unpopular opinion is that JavaScript has some design problems. It started its journey as a browser-embedded toy language and even today, its limitation shows. Watch this youtube video to know what I'm talking about:

Right now, people use JavaScript because its a necessity. The first version of webassembly has already shipped into the popular browsers. Its only a matter of time (like 3-4 more years) until it becomes stable, solid, documented and gains traction. Take another 4-5 years and compilers for popular languages like python, java, C#, ruby, etc. will also become stable. At that point, I think very few people will use JavaScript.

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Jochem Stoel Author

Interesting perspective. Better start learning that then!