My planned side projects for 2019

Richard Blechinger on January 24, 2019

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I wish happiness for you. But how did you meet your girlfriend? I'm so happy for you. Because everyone should be happy except me.

Actually, this is a real side project. You'll learn home management. When she gets pregnant, you'll also be pregnant. Because she will be emotional and will wait for same feels from you too.

Real project is coming or winter is coming? :)

Good luck Richard.


Thank you! And we met on Reddit of all places. We got started talking about Tarantino movies and things just went from there. :)

I'm already looking forward to seeing how this new dynamic plays out. It's obviously unexplored territory for us.

And winter is already here. I wouldn't want to consider my relationship as such. :D

Thank you again!


Hahaha, thank you! It's perhaps not the most innovative one, but I also very much like it. :D


Congratulations on all the side projects, and the ones that will soon be on the horizon!

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