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The thing works for me is to divide one task into multiple smaller ones and go through them one by one.

Don't try to do everything at once. it never works(not in the long term at-least).


sure that's better, so when you divide into multiple smaller ones, what is the common flow you use to get through?


what is the common flow you use to get through?

Well it's differs form task to task but let me give you a recent example,

Task : I need to create a personal website using Hugo (i had no idea of how this works , never configured sub domains and email forwarding)

Divided into the smaller one :

  1. Get general understanding of framework (high level flow only like project structure)
  2. select Theme
  3. Edit it and customize it with css
  4. Buy domain
    • Configure sub domain
    • Configure Email forwarding
  5. Push project to github
  6. Redirect to the custom domain.

When divided to smaller task, Load becomes much easier to handle and you go from top to bottom one by one without randomly jumping from one to another :)

Hope this helps :)

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