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Discussion on: Changing job - How often is too often?

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Pritesh Usadadiya

Do you know if those minimum term contracts have been tested in court yet?

I have no idea. Personally i choose not work with such companies that have such agreement.

But i have seen some of my friends accepting such offers at the beginning of their career.

Such bond includes something like this,

  1. Provide all original degree certificate (given back when contract is over)
  2. Penalty (50,000-1,00,000 RS) in a event of braking a contract
  3. Not providing Experience certificate in case of braking a contract

This 3 things brings horrors to employees.

I know one person who had 3 years of contract with above 3 conditions and wanted to change job after 2 years. he fought hard (draining mental energy) and got out but without Experience certificate

Thank god that his new employer was reasonable and understanding. otherwise he would have to start with 0 or work with less pay grade.

[Above scenarios is specific to India. I don't know if Employers / people form other countries have similarities]

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Dian Fay

Holy crap, that's up there with the Gulf state practice (now explicitly illegal it looks like, at least in Saudi Arabia?) of employers making expatriate workers and consultants surrender their passports for "safekeeping".