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re: A voter that cannot understand the voting system is a secondary citizen when technology is introduced into an election system. Even though your ide...

It's not very different from how facebook uses CDNs to make their service highly available even when there's lots of traffic. I think blockchain design concepts are going to seep into engineering over the next few years because it solves a lot of problems that we encounter at scale.

Though I agree about the need for the system to remain backwards-compatible and have realistic fallback options, for something so sensitive. I'll try to add some thoughts on that in the next part.

ps. Thanks for rephrasing your comment :)


Sorry I was rude. We have had to fight and continue to battle political lobbies attempting to sell electronic voting in south américa, successfully in some cases. Even though it is not exactly what you are referring to, from the average's voter perspective they look quite similar.

The risks outweigh the benefits by so much that is has managed to unite software developers in a place where there isn't much unity, just to fight against electronic voting. I beg you consider this since it is the type of post a politician will try to read and assume a political gain is to be made of attempting to convince the electorate this is a good idea.

What ends up happening is that a shitty vendor provides some obscure means of electronic voting which is later inscrutable and vulnerable to attacks.

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