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Pick one language find comfort in it, then move to learning another.

Over time I have developed application using different stack. But then I made decision to be more of a frontend developer using Angular. Then I moved to using ionic for mobile app, while because it was easier since both uses typescript, just needed to no the basic syntax for ionic and am good to go. Now I picked up node for backend but using nestjs since it uses typescript too. It became simple since I just have one common thing in them which I have learnt over time which is typescript.

However, doesn't mean I don't write ASP.Net core or use other frontend stack. I do use ASP.Net and Angular for my daily office job. But then grew out of it to learn ionic and node(nestjs) cos of typescript.


"Pick one language find comfort in it, then move to learn another.". Probably the most important lesson for people who are stuck like I was. Well said Meshach!

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