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As many on the comments suggested: AtergOS.
I've been using it for almost four years and I love it. First I tried pure Arch and I really liked it but it tends to be unstable really quickly if you not pay attention (I broke my system two times). Then I went with AntergOS and I fell in love. The installer lets you choose any desktop env. The Arch Linux Forums are BIG. The documentation is BIG and concise. You will find the solution for any problem there. And also you have AUR where you can find almost any app/package that is not in the official pacman repositories. For system upgrades you have to only use this command: yaourt -Syau.

I really like to have minimalist desktop envs, here a screenshot:


(I use Gnome with Plank)


Omg this looks something I'm craving and your enthusiasm has really motivated me i feel glad an confident now to try it for sure. I hope it doesn't make me fall for other quirks while my web development goes on.


It may will. But you will get use to it really quick.
Here is a list of a must have Gnome Extensions to achieve a minimalist desktop:
Hide Dash
Hide Workspaces thumnails
Top Panel Workspace scroll

And turn off the "Dash to dock" extension if it is enabled. I will write a post about AntergOS soon.

Also just yesterday night I booted with AntergOS it didn't let me dual boot saying it needs a GPT partition. Then I tried Solus OS and it didn't even recognize itself on the disk. so then I made Fedora bootable and installed it but just after that since I had to turn on the Legacy support on, my Windows 10 disappeared from the grub or boot options.
So then I again live boot with the pendrive to check whether my Windows drives are there on the disk or not. Then I used my Windows Recovery disk and it installed it in a span of 4 hours so now I'm typing to you this on my Microsft Edge Browser (while chrome downloads in background).
I think my dream of starting the development on Linux systems will be shattered so much.
I read articles/blog regarding solving this online but windows needs UEFI method to boot and nothing else.

Oh that's bad. I had running windows along side with linux for a while but then I deleted windows. If I need to use windows for some .NET specific tasks I have a virtual machine. But, to get running both you have to enable the legacy mode. Install Linux and then use a grub editor (in case your linux does not detect windows automatically) to set a boot entry for windows. Maybe Ubuntu is less problematic in that way and you can achieve the same minimalist desktop env I showed to you



Careful ! Yaourt is deprecated and not maintained anymore


I had forgotten that! Unfortunately I think AntergOS uses yaourt as default but here are some alternatives. I'm giving a try to yay. Thanks for your warning!


gnome extension maximus and hide top bar are awesome too.

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