Implementing Skeleton Loading in React

Adrian Bece on September 04, 2019

The idea and concept of Skeleton Loading or Skeleton Screens was introduced in 2013. in this blog post by Luke Wroblewski. It describes the concept... [Read Full]
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Mind elaborating on "#3 Conditionally load the skeleton in the main component" by posting the main component code?



Thank you for reading the article. Skeleton loading needs to be displayed until dynamic data is loaded.

Basically, if you have an isLoading prop on your component. While isLoading is true, component needs to display the skeleton. When data has finished loading and is ready to be displayed, isLoading is set to false and then you display the "real" component with data.

This is how it looks for my use-case.

      <ul className="recipeList">
          ? [ Array(24)].map((item, index) => (
              <Skeleton key={`skeleton-${index}`}></Skeleton>
          :{ recipe }: any) => (
              <RecipeCard key={recipe.uri} {...recipe} />

That's really cool. Great work. I do prefer writing the Skeleton component from scratch but this is great for people who want to have the components out of the box.

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