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re: 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making As A New Web Developer & How To Avoid Them VIEW POST


All good points. I might add that it is very unlikely for a junior developer to be given the chance to “start from scratch,” so they will likely need to adapt to many decisions that have already been made—including jQuery, frameworks, or whatever. This means being good at learning, and knowing how to learn fast! What to google? Who to trust? Are there groups or networks to get involved in? Often, teaching others is the best way to learn yourself, so learning networks go both ways. These are important things to appreciate too.

But I am SO glad to hear younger developers advocate for the basics. It can not be emphasized enough how important this is. An understanding of basics is never a waste of time, but rather a huge time savings that pays-off again and again. Even while learning a framework, take the time to try the same thing without.

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