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Not using Karate because you already use TestNG sounds like a very wrong decision to me because Karate has IDE support and can be executed from plain Java, search the docs for "Parallel Execution".

And notice how your assertions are really basic, just the response code (200 OK) and one key-value out of what potentially could be a large, complex, nested JSON (typical in GraphQL).

Please refer this video to your friend (10 min) for more details: youtu.be/If9V-tG_gRs


Hi Peter,

Karate is a great framework, but we already have a framework which is working perfectly from long. If that sounds a wrong decision to you, I don't have any words to reply.

Regarding the simpler assertion, that is a basic example given. The idea of this library is letting user to select any framework and http client library.

And btw, if possible, cover the presentation of your video clearly. We barely see the presentation, not clear, hurts my eyes for this 10 mins talk.


No worries, the intent is not to convince you as your mindset is clear from your response :)

I am trying to put forward data for readers who may be misled by the information presented here. I leave it to readers to decide the merit of your argument - which is that you have some existing framework in place. GraphQL needs a different approach, which IMO is clear in the presentation. Sorry it hurts your eyes :) But there are plenty more videos and examples for those who care to look, and here is a reference link - which also points to the source-code in the presentation:

Anyway, all the best with using TestNG and JsonNode to test GraphQL :P

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