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Discussion on: Micro Frontends: After one year with Single-SPA

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punisher49 • Edited on

I am not sure if putting everything into one repo is a good idea.

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Samim Pezeshki Author • Edited on

@punisher49 I agree. This way we are missing having independent release cycles, which is the one of the main benefits of using micro frontends. When there are separate teams working on different features, putting each mico frontend into a separate repository gives them the power of having independent release cycles, internal management and technical and non-technical team decisions.

But in our case, all the codebase was maintained and developed by one team. The main objective of using micro frontends was to let different frameworks co-exist. So putting the apps into separate repositories would add the complexity of managing multiple repositories, PRs, different versions for each app in our error and issue tracking service, and also implementing a solution for updating import maps (like using import-map-deployer). So we accepted the trade-off.

But I might be missing something here. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate and explain what other possible benefit we might be missing this way.