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At first I thought I came across an old article, written years ago perhaps. I'm no expert on Python IDEs, but I do know that PyCharm is free (the community version) and deserves a lot more space than 1 paragraph. For some, PyCharm is THE IDE for Python. Personally it has had an enormous impact on my productivity. Like other commenters, I too went through a mini-review of sorts with PyCharm emerging as the clear winner. My runner up to PyCharm, Wing, isn't mentioned anywhere.

The other reason I thought that this was an old article is that Thonny is mentioned once, in the "conclusions" section, among a list of other IDEs that are not covered. Thonny is now the official IDE of Python as far as I know, packaged with the 3.7 releases, replacing IDLE. That's a significant change and one perhaps worthy of pointing out, even if just in passing.


Thonny is the "default" now? First I've heard of it. Last time I installed Python 3.7 on a Windows machine, it came with IDLE.

Also, I've used PyCharm, but frankly, I don't like it. It's tool overload. I much prefer Visual Studio CODE with the official Python extension. It does everything I need, integrates with everything I want, and then gets the heck out of my way. PyCharm has about two hundred too many buttons and menu options, IMO.

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