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I have a home that should be finished in the summer, and I am very much at a loss of how to outfit it.
Probably Xiaomi sensors and TRÅDFRI bulbs on Texas Instruments CC2530 ZigBee dongles, some KNX stuff for other light fixtures, shutters, and heating, and networked Mitsubishi HVAC equipment.
Most of it will probably be home-assistant(, because:

  1. It understands the difference between events, state reports, and commands. (instead of trying to shove them all into a flat table where commands overwrite state, and identical state reports fire events)
  2. It has a pleasant and ergonomic, mobile-ready end user UI, with material design and smart defaults (eg, all values can be expanded as time-based graphs), instead of iOS4/jQuery mobile style or skeuomorphic devices on a map.
  3. It bets strongly on the Apple HomeKit protocol. I never intend to use an Apple TV, handheld, or hub, but they are also working (with results) on consuming HomeKit-native appliances, which will only proliferate, into itself, not only exposing its own devices to your iCloud.

Please tell me why I'm wrong and generally stupid, and what I should use instead. Save me from myself.

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