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Discussion on: If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?

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Mihail Malo

Reddit's success is predicated on unpaid labor from those folks

Volunteers make some of the best things in the world right now.
I guess you'd really dislike the pay to be mod system that I've seen taking place recently. :v

No one else is owed the entire content of my online life just because they've glimpsed evidence that I exist.

This is yet another thing we actually agree on, and I addressed it in my top level comment - I demand that the tightly integrated ecosystem allow easy use of multiple identities, thus segregating aspects of your life as you wish.

GYWO is a writing community - Get Your Words Out

That's unlike anything I'd ever imagined existing. At a glance seems more like than some kind of deviantart?

how many stars I gave Atlas Shrugged

Are you serious? You can't do this. I must know at once!