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Is Rainbow Brackets superior to Bracket Pair Colorizer 2?
NPM Dependency seems vastly inferior to Version Lens, which in addition to better UI even supports a few other repositories like dotNET core.
Will be looking into Better Comments.
And Prettier > Beautify.
The code plugin beautifully integrates with the same config your git hooks can use, and generally has better and more deterministic formatting.


Hey Mihail,

I haven't specifically tried BPC-2 but it appears to do the same thing - the only difference I can tell is that Rainbow will highlight in red the isolated right bracket so you always know where you currently are inside any set of coloured brackets. That being said I'm giving BPC-2 a try right now!

Didn't even know of Version Lens - you're right it's way better. Updating list.

I had Prettier for a while but out of the box, it couldn't handle HTML markup inside .js/.ejs template files and was driving me crazy - Beautify gives an option to treat unknown markup as "HTML, CSS, JS" regardless of file ending from a Prompt dropdown.


What is "HTML markup in .js files"?
It does script/css in html, jsx inside js, and any language it supports as a tagged code block inside markdown by default.
If your file IS valid HTML, but also contains for example moustache tags in the text node positions, you can set a configuration override for your extension of the parser option.

Edit: I looked up what ejs is, and there is, indeed, no support. Does your plugin beautify it by parsing it as pure HTML?

Hey Mihail,

That's correct when Beautify hits markup it wasn't expecting (like HTML inside a .js/.ejs file as EJS templating can handle this) it lets you pick how to handle it. Very nifty.


I love Bracket Pair Colorizer! I just discovered 2 today, making the switch now. For what it's worth, the marketplace shows Rainbow Brackets hasn't been updated since 2016, meanwhile Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 was updated just yesterday. That being said, it still has the beta label, so take that for what it's worth.

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