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re: Hey Mihail, I haven't specifically tried BPC-2 but it appears to do the same thing - the only difference I can tell is that Rainbow will highlight...

What is "HTML markup in .js files"?
It does script/css in html, jsx inside js, and any language it supports as a tagged code block inside markdown by default.
If your file IS valid HTML, but also contains for example moustache tags in the text node positions, you can set a configuration override for your extension of the parser option.

Edit: I looked up what ejs is, and there is, indeed, no support. Does your plugin beautify it by parsing it as pure HTML?

Hey Mihail,

That's correct when Beautify hits markup it wasn't expecting (like HTML inside a .js/.ejs file as EJS templating can handle this) it lets you pick how to handle it. Very nifty.

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