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Discussion on: GitHub Advanced Search enhanced with NLP (WIP)

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Thank you! I really enjoy working with it.
That is a really good idea. I have thought about doing a bunch of research sites, and wrap it all together in a single extension or website, so you can query all sites simultaneously. I think that Wikipedia will be great here. I have already done PubMed (publication site for Health Science, and it seems be something that the community wants based on feedback)

Also I have an idea to do the same for a programmers perspective, a joint query site, for GitHub, GitLab, Stackoverflow, Jira, Trello, AWS and so on..

What do you think would provide most value?

From my perspective, the problems with interacting with the web today is that every website is different, if we just could navigate directly to what we want to find with text, will could save a lot of time. Also, it not just about navigation, what if you could create a bug report by writing "Jira, create a new bug report with title 'Can not log in'"

I have been releasing some extensions to Edge, but nothing to Firefox or Safari. I think I will put time porting things if I see a demand for it (and when I have more time).

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Research sites seem to be the most valuable option. Maybe programmers wouldn't benefit that much, as usually we know how to use search engines more efficiently. However, it surely would have use cases.
Personally, I only use Firefox, so I would love to see it there (although I understand that your time have to be well invested).

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You are right! Thanks for the input.

I read about Firefox extensions now, seems to be very easy to port, so I will do it for the next releases :)