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Discussion on: From Node to Deno

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Then I would just wait for a third party module auditer/provider like npm to arise (You will most likely still simply import via a url from a trusted domain of theirs, though).

I mean, if you are trying to get things done, then yes Node is probably better for you, because you already know it. At the moment Deno is still a young technology and doesn't have the 10 years of testing behind it's name. As the devs said in the v1 blogpost

For some applications Deno may be a good choice today, for others not yet.

I would at least give it a try in a hobby project, though, but I assume you have already done that... anyway the choice of technology is yours :)

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Yuri Predborskiy

I plan to try it together with typescript, they seem like a good match. I'm sure I won't be needing a lot of libraries when just starting out with TS.