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Discussion on: How I hate the term «Ethical Hacker» !

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Nathanael Demacon • Edited

"IT security expert" or "pentester" are very good terms, "Ethical Hacker" seems to be used by beginners or peoples who don't really know what an hacker do, which is very common and isn't a problem. Peoples who does head hunting doesn't necessarily know a lot about the domain they are recruiting for.

However, the deeper I go in IT security the more I find that the peoples who works in this domain are too much sensible about terms used to define a hacker, sometimes even the word "hacker" can be argued, which is literally a good term.

It's the same thing about the dark web, peoples who knows a little about security think that it's a "noob" term and must not be used, instead they use terms like the "Tor network", which is not really the dark net but a darknet, literally a private network.

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Younes Author

I think that, for someone who doesn't know anything about IT security, the term "ethical hacker" may sound more "cool".😄

I must admit that people like to show that they know their stuff by preaching to people to name something in the right way. (in their point of view)