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Discussion on: Why working remotely is a double-edged sword

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Well, this feels a bit like a bait and switch. Working remotely is not the same as WfH. Sure, if you WfH then you most likely work remote but if you work remotely, it doesn't mean you're doing WfH.

I've worked remotely (on and off) for several years and only a small amount of time has been spent on WfH. For the most part I had a very small office rented, but also spent time in some co-working spaces (I loved those, though probably I wouldn't do that now).

My main gripe with WfH is related to work/personal time separation rather than anything else. Every now and then I would also think I would need direct contact with colleagues but that went away almost immediately (I work better when I'm allowed to focus on my own and I'm bad at setting hard boundaries - generally if I can tap someone on the should they can do it right back at me).

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Damir Franusic Author

I appreciate your comment and would like to thank you for reading the article. It's always useful to gather the variety of other experiences and opinions, since everyone has their own story to tell. Thank you for sharing yours.