Discussion on: The Top 10 Books on DevOps You Need to Read

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Chris James

Good list. I especially like that the theme is around what DevOps actually is rather than the mistake most people make which is thinking it's about technology.(I always cringe when I hear the term "DevOps engineer")

If anyone reading this finds the number of books to read intimidating you might want to look into audio books. It's a bit more expensive but I legit looked forward to my commute when listening to the phoenix project.

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Jeremy Morgan Author

Thank you! I agree, I have found a lot of people focus on the tools when it comes to DevOps, and I think a lot of people miss the point. DevOps isn't about just switching out tools and installing software, it's an entire shift in thinking of process.

I too went the audiobook route. Listened to a few of those on my commute, then came home to the physical books and went through highlighted and took notes. Personally it's my favorite way to really absorb something.