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An insight from outside the world of dev has always been a useful guide of mine in general, and I've thought of it often when the monolith vs microservices pros and cons debate arises:

An extremely demanding, kind and insightful professor and mentor of mine (she taught Political Science) used to relate the advice she'd hand out again and again as students sought her help/feedback when they encountered difficulties during the writing of their term papers (for her class and those of other professors):

They'd always approach her using some variant of the phrase: "I'm having a writing problem."

She'd look over their work, notes, etc., talk through their processes, etc. Her diagnosis was almost always the same. She'd counsel them: "You don't have a writing problem, you have a thinking problem. If you start to write before you've solved your thinking problem, then you will always reach a point where your writing suffers and breaks down"

A well-thought-through monolith can be maintainable. As can a well-architected approach to microservices. But too often the organization or team jumps at the new form as the solution to all their present woes

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