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Just another React Dev
Just another React Dev

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How to maintain your code/work quality under pressure

Hello guys hope you are all doing absolutely fine
I want ask a question to all Developers
I am an intermediate React developer yesterday my employee laid me off because my work quality has been decreased last month and my deliverables are not up to the mark
So the question is

how you perform well or maintain code quality while working under pressure ?

Thanks for reading this post
Have a nice day ahead

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Brent Dalling

Main Opinion

I've found that I need to do two things. Firstly, I need to break down the tasks into a day-by-day basis. Secondly, I need to communicate with my team if I think that I can't hit a deadline or the task has been overloaded for the time given.

Here is the reality. Most of your tasks are defined by project managers or the project owners. Sometimes your superiors assigning the tasks are detached from the codebase and are not 100% certain on the time/depth/scope of each task. It is up to you to review these and budget your time to the best of your abilities and notify your superiors if you aren't able to complete everything in the time given.

Ask for 1-on-1's with your development or project managers. Use this time to ask what you can do to improve and communicate your needs as a developer. These may be scary. But, it is better for you and your team when bi-directional communication channels are open and consistently used. This communication will allow you to identify areas for improvements and receive kudos for what you have done well. By the way, Kudo's for asking what you can do to improve!

Secondary Opinion

Most of the responsibility does rest on the developer. It is our responsibility to budget our time, decompose our tasks to extract minimum requirements, and to deliver on time. However, you can reach out and ask for more time or resources. Just don't make it a habit. It is better to clearly communicate the general state of the app, your skills, and your understanding of requirements as why you need X moving forward rather than bringing it up multiple times. Your employers want solutions. Not excuses. I'm guilty of violating this concept quite a bit.

If you are not familiar with the world of project management I recommend that you find a well reviewed course for the Comptia Project+ certification as a general starting place. Developers are not necessarily project managers. And, we certainly aren't paid to be. However, having some background knowledge in how this works will make your relationships with project stakeholders better and result in you having proven tools to better deliver requirements or communicate why you can't.


We're all humans. We make mistakes. We have needs. We have limits. Just communicate these to those you work with. Developers can't perform at 150% always. I wish you luck in your future!

zabdeldjallil profile image

Simple,you can't perform well under pressure,you have to ignore it and focus on the task you are doing only,i know it seems like an impossible thing to do,but you have to detach yourself from it mentally.

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Andrew Baisden

Planning and time management will help you a lot. You can even practice in your own personal projects so that you gain more confidence and experience. So give yourself a brief of something to do and time yourself so you see how long it takes. Over time you should get faster with more practice.

Then just repeat what you learned in a real job.

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Anas Nabil

No more to be said after this

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Jon Randy

Simple. Ignore deadlines

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