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Half-Day Builds!

ra101 profile image Parth Agarwal Updated on ・1 min read

Hi 🖐,
This post is about the half-day builds! These projects will never be featured anywhere, So why not create a combined thread for them.

Draw Graphs in C++
I was looking for a graphics.h project, One day my friend asked me "Did you ever come across any code which Draws the given input graph?", I replied... wait-for-it!

Pinger (Python)
One of my deployed college project got shut down. This Script executes at startup, starts a headless browser, and open the various sites declared within. All in the background.

lbry VLC Extension (Lua)
I was looking for a dark theme for VLC and I found out that people can create extensions that can be attached to the final build binary! This extension enables us to network streams free videos.

Text to Morse Code (Dart)
A Flutter Trial App, It changes Text to Morse Code and then allows to vibrate the phone or to flicker torch accordingly.

DuckDuckGo Chrome-Ext (JavaScript)
A Chrome-Extension that adds a button to open the current search with DuckDuckGo. You can also attach a Key-Binding to use it.

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