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Discussion on: When the cat’s away….

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Rachel Soderberg

Both my manager and my more-senior developer coworker were gone on vacation at the same time, leaving little old Junior me (about 3mo experience) to fend for myself and not burn the place down. We're a teeny development team, so I was literally the only "technical" person in the building for a couple of days.

I ended up handling some questions and tasks that were well out of my comfort zone. The biggest was regarding an error in the database pricing for an order that had come through for our Accounting person, and the rest were simply figuring out what I needed to for myself when I didn't have my manager just a few meters away to ask.

It was challenging, but it was a little spurt of growth for me. Also, my manager telling me I was spot on with the Accounting decision let me know that I can handle it!