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Awesome work! I saw your before/after pictures below and you have really come a long way!
I also follow a similar eating window, though because I wake up so early for the gym my hours are different. I hit the gym before work, then all my food is between 9am and 6pm with bone broth to wake up my digestive system around 8am. I do three meals a day and follow a very low carb diet with the majority of my carbs coming with breakfast in the form of veggies like broccoli and carrots.

My fats are moderate and protein is high, and I don't get affected by the dreaded "keto flu" so I allow myself to bounce in and out of ketosis (a process called gluconeogenesis allows the body to produce glucose from protein instead of carbohydrates, which keeps the body out of full ketosis after high-protein meals). I'm one of those people who feels best on a no-carb diet though, so this certainly won't be the case for everyone.

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