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I haven't had any issues as a female in tech, except perhaps that I wasn't introduced to it in my younger years (grade school) like the boys were. But once I discovered it and enrolled in a University, I was always treated well and even though I was only one of two or three women in my graduating class (of about forty) I was never singled out or made to feel inferior because I am female. I was invited to play board games and whatnot with the guys and always included if there was a study group.

Now in my career I have still been treated well, though some interviews did feel skewed. One in particular was an Indian man who was probably a fine guy, but I could tell he didn't like me from the start (which made my interviewing abilities plummet - I got nervous and bombed it because of the bad energy!) For both of the jobs I have accepted offers for I was offered more than I had originally asked, so there was no negotiation necessary, and at my current job I have been told the sky is the limit and I am open to move up and grow within the company as I please.

I found the "boys club" portion of your post interesting, as I have actually managed to work myself into that group (I've always had almost exclusively only male friends and never found myself to fit into the "girls club"). I played online games for many years and just became more comfortable with the banter of men, so once they realized I was into the same things I was part of the group. I think that's just all about your interests though, I've read elsewhere that it can be detrimental to force yourself to become "one of the guys" if that's just not you.

I'm not sure whether I've been lucky, or whether things are just getting better for women in tech, but I've had a good experience.

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