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Why Your Startup Needs Ruby on Rails Web App in 2022?

If one had to describe roR technology in one word, Flexibility is one word that comes to mind is Flexibility. And it would not be even a bit of an exaggeration to say most of the people in the developing community would agree with this.

Many tech giants like Netflix, twitch, and Shopify once were startups and have adopted ruby on rails as a backend technology for their web applications. And undoubtably, RoR has proven to be one of the robust backend technology.

Even though it's been one of the oldest languages yet, when it comes to building high-performing web applications, no other technology can beat the robustness of ruby on rails. With multiple availabilities of modules and plugins, Ruby on rails makes sure the developers do not need to make any extra efforts.

Although Ruby on Rails has several advantages over other technologies for each type of organization, it serves different purposes. As per this rule, it also addresses different requirements of startups in a very dynamic way.

Let's understand this in detail by going through the advantages that your startup deliberately needs, especially when it is in the initial stages of life.

Let's get started with one of the prominent advantages, cost-effectiveness!

1. Cost-effective

There are two prominent challenges that every RoR project faces in the first phase of its startup journey. Tight budget and time constraints. Ruby on Rails allows its users to save their resources from an extensive open-source framework in multiple ways.

2. RoR Gems

Gems are one of the biggest benefits of using ruby on rails as it caters to several web development requirements. From authorization to authentication, more than 1000 gems come in handy while developing your web application.

3. Convenient support and maintenance

The development process is just the beginning of the life cycle of a project. The real struggle begins when the project starts needed frequent maintenance and upgrades in order to provide a seamless experience to its users without interruptions. In order to improve long-term coding style, Ruby on Rails web development offers gems.

Logically speaking, if the source code is of poor quality, it will directly affect the application's overall performance.

4. All about quality and scalability

Maintaining quality is one of the prime objectives of any organization, no matter if it's a small startup or a full-fledged funded entity. Ruby on Rails allows you to bring quality and high scalability to the table.

5. The immense support

Undoubtedly, Rails have one of the largest and most vibrant Ruby on rails community which continuously works to upgrade the technology in a multidimensional way.

Since it's an open-source framework, the community works more as collaborators rather than just silent viewers.


To conclude, these are some of the few advantages that we can consider as one of the direct advantages of such robust technology to the startups. And these are not just only beneficial to the initial stage of an entity, but it keeps on giving fruits for the long-term future.

Get the best RoR Developer that can justify the means by bringing their core expertise to the table, therefore, taking optimum advantage of this robust technology.

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codewander profile image

I am for rails. The biggest counter points that I hear are:

  • too much magic
  • too much effort to transition to microservices later, if needed

I would be interested to read more articles defending against those two points.