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Hey Dan, I have one question: How to make my React projects more popular? If no one see them, even the great ones can't became very popular...

And also I want to have direct chat with you, just 5-10 minutes - I'm 12 years old boy - advanced with JavaScript (SES2015/16) and PHP and learning Python and Android development (with React Native and with Kotlin).


Marketing, you need to share them and talk about them, if you're coding libraries you can share them on, write articles about them (how to use them, what problems do they solve and how) and then publish it on your own blog or here on or another platform.

  • Add website links between your Twitter and GitHub so they point at each other
  • Participate in technical discussions relevant to your area of interest in both places
  • Create good documentation for your projects and make it very clear what they do
  • Create small examples
  • Contribute to other related repositories so people start checking out your profile
  • Tweet about updates to your projects with screenshots / GIFs

Happy to chat some time, drop me an email.


Thanks, Dan!
I already did few of these things. Now I'm going to do the others.
All good!

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