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Discussion on: Why we migrated to TypeScript after all

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You really should read this:

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Deno will stop using TS internally, mainly because they are working pretty close to V8 and there are limitations in the types that don't work correctly at such low level. They will still support TS from devs because is one of their main selling points, and they will still use "types" just not trough TS directly (JSDocs + .d.ts files). This article is about regular product development, and TS is excellent for those.

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John Carroll • Edited on

From the design doc which the article you linked to is based off of:

Update June 10 2020: I saw that this design doc was being discussed more widely. Most people don't have the context to understand this narrow technical document - it is only applicable to a very particular, very technical situation in the internals of Deno. This is not at all a reflection on the usefulness of TypeScript in general. It's not a discussion about any publicly visible interface in Deno. Deno, of course, will support TypeScript forever. A website or server written in TypeScript is a very very different type of program than Deno - maybe much more so than novice programmers can appreciate - little of Deno is written in TypeScript. The target audience is the 5 to 10 people who work on this particular internal system. Please don't draw any broader conclusions.