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Discussion on: They Who Control Encryption

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Rafael Almeida

I disagree with your opinion. Open Source software is much more reliable than "homemade" software because of the huge community behind.

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This is not true. Because we can show companies who buy security hall and then use it for spy and keep these vulnerabilities secret.

Snowden and WikiLeaks showed by example that, in the United States, Anb actively exploited vulnerabilities to create viruses like the ones that Stuxnet. I'd add: it is very easy to find vulnerabilities when open source is in front of you.

Try to find the code in the code that you do not have! Yes, and the state always has a way of pressure - blackmail, threats, landing in a prison on a fabricated case, and in this case, an activist who wrote the open-source code can with this pressure make a deal with the state / ANB / CIA and just gangsters who threaten his daughter / to the son / him, and enter a small piece of code with an error that other participants of the project simply will not notice. and the whole system will be compromised.

I came across this in my country. we are now in a war in my country, I know how people can use blackmail / beating / bribery for all of this .. therefore the surest option is if you yourself wrote something and use it yourself, and not some third-party black a box, if you are certainly not such a cool expert who can revise the entire code, validate it for the absence of a vulnerability.

There are very few such people, and we are talking about the security of society - millions of people are not professionals in the code.