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Very nice article Paul.

I agree that commit message is essential. On first glance, it tells us a lot about commit itself, and it should be made neatly. Fortunately, nowadays most of IDE has excellent support for git. I prefer to look directly into the code and later search for the particular commit. So I omit the stage of looking through commit messages at all. I don't think that my way is the best one, but it helps in case of the mess in commit messages.
I think that more important than meaningful commit message is proper commit body. I mean, devs should avoid committing all changes in one commit and split at every available place. Creation of a commit cost as a little time but can save a lot of time in future, especially when we would like to revert some evil commit from our branch. It'd be much more difficult if we have multiple functionalities changed in one commit. This is a real nightmare!

Keep calm and commit



Thanks for your response, Rafal! Totally agree with you on this.
Code readability is much more important than commit messages, and should be first priority ;)

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