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Discussion on: The Anti-Corruption Layer Pattern

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Rafal Pienkowski

@thorstenhirsch , I agree with our comment. In the case where different modules communicate each other (no matter how: SOAP, REST API, flat files, etc.) or in the enterprise world (where the budget is high enough to buy and maintain such kind of ESB system) using EAI platform brings a lot of benefits (as you mentioned).

On the other hand, when I'm working in a bigger team, and there is no need for usage out of process communication, I think that the Anti-Corruption Layer (ACL) is more convenient. Teams can develop their libraries/packages independently without affecting models in my part of the system, as it was described in this article.

To sum up, depending on the project size and communication type (in/out of process) EAI platform and ACL can be used interchangeably and/or in conjunction.