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Discussion on: Automate typing with Vim macros

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Richard Guay

I was looking for a vim graphical program because my MacVim kept crashing. I came across Onivim, the original one, and loved it. But, it kept crashing also due to changes in neovim. I then started to just use neovim in the terminal all the time (that’s when I found kitty, a better terminal). But, I kept up with development of Onivim. When Onivim 2 started in public alpha, I jump right on it and have been loving it.

But, I’m an editor collector. I’ve used Emacs (in evil mode using the Doom config), Vi, Vim, Sublime Text, Atom (crashes a lot), Visual Code, skEdit, Syntra, CotEdit, Lite, and MacVim (the latest version isn’t crashing as much).