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Discussion on: 5 non-technical skills you don't learn at university

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Richard Guay

Proper use of Code Editors! I've never seen classes that would give the programmer to be a good overview of the different editors and teach their proper usage. When people are left on their own, they often fall into the IDE crutch programming style. It's a crutch because they can't seem to be able to use other, non-IDE based editors. In my opinion, this slows their ability to adapt and grow.

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Good point and yeah begging efficient at using editors is also a must.

At my university, it was not a subject but professors would show us how to do things without an IDE and then teach us how to do it in an IDE so we could do it faster but we first needed to understand how to compile for example java code in the command line and then setup the IDE later.

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