re: Best ways to Deploy Django REST API on CentOS VIEW POST


I always choose Linode basic server (5$ per month) comes with super configuration for initial server setup. If you want some docs to refer then DigitalOcean have tons of tutorials about how to run django in Ubuntu with awesome configuration.

Also amazon has the lightsail which is similar to Linode and DigitalOcean go checkout.


is Linode a managed infrastructure to deploy? I was more looking towards deploying it on place CentOS 7 without using managed services.


Linode is a hosting company you can create private server as per your need. They also have load balancer in case if you want scaling.

You have mentioned not choosing elastic so I thought you are not going to choose paas.

If you want paas approach then go with Google app engine flexible and you can have centos in docker best for scaling.

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